Welcome to Peak Performance Training Center, listed below are the instructors and staff that are here to serve you.
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Master Gary A. Schill,
President and Chief Instructor

     Master Schill along with his beautiful wife Paula own and operate Peak Performance Martial Arts, one of the most successful Martial Arts Schools in the country. With more than 43 years of Martial Arts experience, Master Schill has developed an extensive development system based around the traditional values of the martial arts.

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Paula Schill,
President and
Chief Operations Officer

   Paula graduated from Concordia Lutheran University with a BA in Behavioral Science Following college Paula worked as the Assistant Director of Brazos County Rape Crisis Center.  There she assisted sexual assault survivors at the hospital and provided counseling to both adolescent and adult survivors. She partnered up with the District Attorney to develop a program educating elementary students on child molestation, prevention and counseling. 

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Professor Bruno Guimaraes
Head Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Professor Bruno is a 2nd Degree Black Belt Certified by the IBJJF. He has trained in BJJ for 25 years. Born in Brazil, Professor Bruno recently moved to the United States along with his wife, son and daughter.

Professor Bruno has successfully competed in numerous tournaments. Learn more about Professor Bruno by clicking the continue reading link:
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Kyo Sa Nim Jeromy Raygo
3rd Degree Black Belt

Certified Instructor

Mr. Raygo has trained with Master Schill for more than 14 years. He started at the young age of 7 and has worked through the ranks. Throughout his training Mr. Raygo has competed in a variety of tournaments and has received many 1st place medals.  He also competed in wrestling during his school years.  In 2013 Mr. Raygo tested and earned his International Instructor Certification. In 2014 Mr. Raygo earned his 3rd Degree Black Belt.

Mr. Raygo is an accomplished Martial Artist with a specialty in weapons. At his current training path Mr. Raygo will test for Master Instructor in 2018.

Master Schill is very proud of the young man that Jeromy has become and is living proof of the growth and development path he has built into the curriculum. 

Stay tuned for great things from Mr. Raygo.

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Coach Vinney Barber
Head Wrestling Coach
Wresting Coach for Jiu Jitsu

Coach Barber moved to Austin, TX in April of 2014 to work for FloWrestling. His prep career was at Highland High School in NY, coached by John McFarland to an 86-24 record, and was a NYS Qualifier.  After his prep career, he attended college at SUNY Oneonta and Centenary College in NJ.  While in college he competed for four years while wrestling HWT. Coach Barber has been involved in coaching since his freshman year of college.

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Kyo Sa Nim McCracken,
Certified Instructor

    Ken McCracken Graduated from Colorado State University ĖPueblo with a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communications.  Mr. McCracken went on to a successful career in Television as a photo-journalist for 12 years.  He worked for KEYE News here in Austin as the Chief Photojournalist when he met his wife Julie McCracken.  They have been married since April of 1998 and live in Cedar Park.  Together they have one Daughter, Jessie McCracken. Mr. McCracken currently works for a water management company as their National Senior Irrigation Manager.    Mr. McCracken started his martial arts training at Peak Performance Training Center in 2006 Along with his family Ms. McCracken and Jessie.  Mr. McCracken is currently a 2nd Degree Black and Internationally Certified Instructor with Peak Performance Martial arts.   

Becoming a martial artist has been in my mind since I was a little kid, whether it was from being picked on or just the admiration of the skill and talent of other martial artists.  I started training after my daughter started Karate at PPMA.  I was a little reluctant at first thinking that I was too old and would not get much out of it.  That thought quickly changed.  Along with the physical aspects, the self-development curriculum has really changed the way I approach many aspects of my life.  I now have "peaceful confidence".

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Mrs. Kelly Jones

Certified Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt


Ms. Jones grew up in Nederland, TX (deep southeast TX).  She spent her summers on her grandparentís farm and going to church camp (25 yrs. as a camper, counselor and nurse).  Ms. Jones has been happily married since 1996 to her husband Glenn.  The Jonesí have one daughter Mackenzie who is 12 yrs. old and wants to be a Veterinarian. 

Ms. Jones graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1992.  She has been a nurse for 21 years and has a wide range of experience from hospitals, home health, and pediatric offices.  Her full time job is working for Leander ISD at Cedar Park High School.  Currently she is working in a special classroom with Medically Fragile students. 

Ms. Jones started her karate training in 2008 along with the rest of her family.  She and her daughter Mackenzie are currently 1st Degree Black Belts and are working towards their 2nd Degree.  Mr. Jones is currently a Red Belt 2 Stripe.  Ms. Jones is currently working with the after school enrichment program in the evenings, as well as helping with the front desk when needed.  The entire Jones family is very involved in all aspects of Peak Performance Training Center.  Ms. Jones is currently teaching the Tiny Dragons classes and enjoys working with these highly energetic students.  In the future Ms. Jones looks forward to continue her training towards 2nd Degree Black Belt and to test for Kyo Sa Nim.

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Lynna Wilbourn, After School Enrichment and Summer Camp Program Director


m so excited about being able to come back to work for Master Schill and just be apart of the Peak Performance Family, again. 

I met Master Schill when my husband and I decided to put our, then, 8 year old daughter, in martial arts.  We wanted her to be able to protect herself, should the need arise; wanted her to get involved in an individual sport, yet see how martial arts is a team sport and also show her that the values of respect and morals that we were teaching at home were used other places as well.  These values would and should never go out of place.

From the first time we walked in we could tell this was she needed to be.  Later my husband and I started training.  It was wonderful doing Tang So Do as a family and see the friends all of us were making.

One day Master Schill asked me if I would be interested in running his after school program.  I have a BS degree in HPER and a minor in Humanities and Science and I had been a teacher and coach for 15 years and was longer teaching due to my husband being told his company was going to move him to a new position in a new state.  Needless to say, they didnít move us for another 3 years.  I accepted the offer and became his after school program director.  I enjoyed every aspect of the position.  The kids were great, the people I worked with became family, and I eventually tested and received my Black Belt.  One of the proudest moments of my life was having Master Schill present me with my Black Belt.

My husband's company has moved us back home to Texas.  Both of us being born and raised in Texas.  We now have an empty next and are enjoying the aspects of that life.  I am back with Master Schill and the rest of my karate family. 

I look forward to working in the after school program again, getting to know the families, watching how the kids grow and learn, and whatever other possibilities will come.








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