Stand up Striking is a term used to describe a cross between a Traditional Boxing with a Muay Thai style of boxing.  Peak Performance is proud to have Coach Espinoza on staff instructing this class.  

Before Mixed Martial Arts or MMA was a house hold phrase.  Fighters would training in one style until optaning a mastery level in that style. Then they would move to the next style all the while practicing the first style.  Unfortunately thanks to U.F.C. and Pride Fights, MMA has been given a negative slant.  Don't get us wrong we enjoy watching those top level fighters in their matches.  However here at Peak Performance we are training everyday to put back the traditional MMA student back on track, with the respect of the multiple arts forms.   We feel that being a true MMA student should not mean that you are going to get pounded on like you see on T.V..  The true is a true MMA student will grow in respect for the Martial Art but as well for his/hers fellow man.



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